About Get Go Search

Get Go Search is the site which is related to the city of Mandsaur. Mandsaur is well known for Lord Shiv also known for Lord Pashupatinath. The statue of Pashupatinath is very unique because it is only one type of statue in all over world.

Get Go Search, provides not only simple search but very unique search also. Get Go Search provides through Shop’s Name, Products or Area Name. It is very simple and fast search because there is only one search bar for all searches. You can also enter directly into the site and find category wise search. The blood group search is also available on the site to find the blood group in the city for emergency use. It provides very fast and relevant search of Blood Group.


GetGoSearch’s Mission

To provide fast, reliable and useful search for everyone with help.

Company’s Information

    • Company started in Jan’13 as very local search engine with provides information of all business of city either product or service.
    • Getgosearch’s launched in Dec’12 on Net, you can also view through touch phone or tablet.
    • Getgosearch’s started advertisement and marketing started in early days of site.